Adventures Aloft Balloon Safaris - Tarangire

Using and A-415 Cameron Balloon with a Capacity of 16 passengers, Adventures Aloft Balloon Safaris Tarangire began operating in Tarangire 2010. Company staff collect passengers from lodges and camps throughout the park and bring them to the launch site. Typically , flights take off at sunrise. Take-off sites can vary depending on the weather but all are easily accessible.
Flights take off at 6.30 each morning in time with the sunrise and allow one to experience an eagle’s view of the Tarangire and all it’s beauty. 
On landing, guest are served breakfast on the river banks as they enjoy panoramic views of the of the Tarangire River and the cool breeze through the baobab trees. Following the hearty breakfast, Guest are taken on a game drive en route back to their lodge or to the drop-off points as agreed by the tour guides.


Adventures Aloft Balloon Safaris
Tarangire National Park
Address: P.O.BOX 40683- 00100

Arusha Office:
+ 255 272 543300 | + 255 685 250153

Balloon Camp:
+255 682 513163 | +255 686 779557